The purpose of this survey is to give you the power to influence the feature set of our future monitor calibration and profiling tool. No personal information will be shared with third parties. No mailing list, no spam. Only those who sign up for the beta testing program and provide valid email will receive notification once the program is in place.

The survey takes 3-7 minutes to complete. N/A is a very powerful answer and means one of or any combination of “not applicable”, “not answered”, “I don’t know”, “I don’t really care”, “I forgot to answer the question”, “This question is retarded”

Following questions help us to undersand how you use your calibration/profiling system(CPS)

Your areas of interest (check all that apply) Photography  Design  CG 

Publishing/GA  Other
What operating system do you use for color critical jobs (check all that apply) N/A or Other  Windows  Mac OS 

Linux  Unix
What monitor do you use for color critical job (check all that apply) Laptop monitor
Ordinary LCD monitor
Higher end LCD monitor
Specialized LCD monitor designed for color critical job
CRT monitor 
What monitor profiling devices are available to you (check all that apply) EyeOne
DTP 94
How often do you calibrate/profile your monitor bi-weekly
What are usual gamma settings for your montior native monitor gamma
as recommended by software
What light source do you use for viewing prints I don’t print
Viewing booth
Specialized(D50,D65 or similar) lamp
Household incandescent lamp
Household fluorescent lamp
Window light

Following questions are related to monitor calibration/profiling systems(CPS) available to you

Rate speed of your monitor CPS (1 – worst, 5 – best) N/A 
Rate ease of use of your monitor CPS (1 – worst, 5 – best) N/A 
Rate performance* of your monitor CPS for neutral tones (1 – worst, 5 – best) N/A 
Rate performance* of your monitor CPS for saturatated colors (1 – worst, 5 – best) N/A 
How well contrast of prints matches contrast of your monitor (1 – worst, 5 – best) N/A 
How well colors of prints match colors of your monitor (1 – worst, 5 – best) N/A 
What features would you like to have in your monitor calibration/profiling systems (check all that apply) Arbitrary gamma setting
Arbitrary white point
Manual calibration fine tuning
Faster calibration/profiling
Non-ICC viewing conditions
Better two-monitor calibration
Ambient light compensation
Ability to change calibration/profile on the fly
Calibration to a specific target
WCS profile generation

Following are business related questions

Buying preference I prefer to buy monitor calibration/profiling software
I prefer to pay for monitor calibration/profiling on per use basis
How much do you think a single monitor calibration/profiling costs (USD) < $1  $1-$2  $3-$5  $6-$10  $11-$18 
Please list any additional feature you would like to see or any issues you would like to be resolved in your calibration/profiling software.

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First Name / Given Name
Last Name / Surname I would like to participate in beta-testing
Your age group < 25 yo  26-35 yo  36-50 yo  > 51 yo 


*CPS – calibration/profiling system

*Performance or quality of calibration is determined by color accuracy, smoothness and lack of artifacts. Common artifacts are banding, posterization, color/tone reversals