Alpha to release in Q1 2010

After some considerations we decided to move alpha release to the first quarter of 2010. There are a number of reasons for the delay but the major one is that we are late. We also take into account generally slower first weeks of the year. Moving the release date will also allow us to include additional features.

We wish you great Holydays and Happy New Year!

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Alpha release approximate date

Thank you for the participation in the survey! The survey was successful and provided us extremely valuable information. To large extent our prognosis and expectations match the survey results which is great. Some discoveries were also made. Again thank you.   

Based on the survey we decided to announce an approximate release date and a feature set for the alpha release.  The alpha version of the calibration and profiling software is to be released in the end of November 2009. The alpha release will contain the most important features, but will not be “feature complete”. That means that the later releases will have additional functionality.


Alpha release will


  1. target Windows platform. We are sorry not supporting Mac at this point but the support for Mac OSes will be added later ( we are Mac users in the end )
  2. support most of the I1 devices and with high probability some Spyders.
  3. allow for arbitrary white point correlated color temperature (CCT)
  4. allow for arbitrary white point luminance. Both CCT and luminance may be set to best match your tasks and ambient light.
  5. allow for manual black point tune. It provides you control over the monitor’s black point.  
  6. allow for arbitrary gamma. It provides ability to change gamma. Typical number is 2.2, however in many situations it is beneficial to use different gamma.
  7. support matrix/TRC profile version 2.
  8. feature Calibration/Profile setter. The setter provides ability to change profile and calibration curve on fly. Thus you may have several calibration/profile pairs to reflect different preferences and lighting conditions and switch between them on fly.

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We are up!

Finally! The site is up and running.
Let us first to introduce ourselves. We are a small group of enthusiastic friends who joined their efforts to build a monitor calibration and profiling application. We are software engineers, photographers and color engineers. Our goal is to build a tool that satisfies a set of contradictive requirements. Firstly it should provide the same or better quality as default software that comes with your device. Secondly it should be affordable and, finally, it should provide richer feature set then the default software. We know it sounds close to impossible. Well, let see how close we can get to the impossible!

The survey page is ready to go. Please fill free to go the survey page and mark your answers. You voice is being heard! The survey is really short. We did not like to fill surveys and we thought that you might fill the same way. That’s why we make it as short as it was reasonably possible. If you are willing to participate in the beta-testing program please don’t forget to click in appropriate place.

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