Test Tools

Monitor Rendering Intent/Tag test profile

The profile and the test image below test what tag your application uses to render an image to a monitor. Different applications use different approaches once it comes to rendering an image to the monitor despite the ICC guideline. For example Adobe Photoshop uses the colorimetric rendering intent while Adobe Lightroom chooses the perceptual LUT transform if present. Poorly constructed perceptual tag particularly in combination with larger editing colorspaces often results in significantly different screen rendering of an image in these two applications.

The profile and the test image are free to use for testing purposes and can be distributed as long as copyright notices are preserved or appropriate credits are granted. At the same time no warranty is expressed in regard to the profile and the image thus use them on your own risk.


1. Download the zip file below and uncompress the content (Mac users may download free achiver from http://www.zipeg.com)

2. Install the profile  BToATestProfile.icc in your system and make it a default profile for your monitor.

3. Load the test image ColorWorlds.jpg in your application of interest

4.  Interpretation:

  •  if the closest ball is blue your application does not do color management (at least not to the screen)
  • if the closest ball is red your application uses matrix/TRC tag to render image to the screen
  • if image is dominated by red your application uses perceptual LUT (A2B0)
  • if image is dominated by green your application uses colorimetric LUT (A2B1)

5. Once you done don’t forget unistall the profile and set appropriate monitor profile to ensure correct color reproduction further on.


Click here to download BToATestProfile.zip